September 7, 2020

Maternal Suicide


It’s astounding that the US does not report these rates; especially when in the postpartum period. I was almost a part of this group of statistics that don’t even exist. If we can’t acknowledge this is happening, how will treatment ever become more readily accessible? Moms are definitely not immune. The postpartum period where most maternal suicides are completed is during the 9 to 12 month period.
Moms, you can get better with treatment. Please don’t let stigma or shame keep you from accessing the care you need to live the life God has planned for you. I know you might feel like nothing will ever work and there is only one way out of the pain and darkness. I understand that place. But your mind is working against you. Those are lies. None of this is your fault. You are worthy and so loved. Please reach out.
Support people, please keep REACHING IN. Sometimes the darkness is too great and even reaching out is impossible. An uncomfortable conversation with your loved one is preferable to a eulogy.
I am here anytime for anybody that needs to chat.