Sarah Santos is a married chiropractor living in Idaho. She had a daughter in November 2019. Despite fantastic support systems, she still found herself suffering from severe insomnia, a lack of appetite, a lack of a bond with her baby, anxiety, depression, OCD, hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, and eventually, thoughts (and intent/acts) of suicide. Due to the severity of these symptoms, she chose to place herself inpatient and receive the Zulresso infusion; and then continue with medication management and therapy upon release from the hospital.

This site exists to raise awareness to the number one complication of childbirth: perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs); to stress the importance to providers of all types that treat women in their child-bearing years to know the signs and symptoms that they should be aware of and to be an ally for new mothers; to advocate for easier access to treatment as it truly took a team for Sarah to get care and that shouldn’t be the case; and for women to know that they shouldn’t feel any shame or guilt when asking for help. Women don’t ask for this. Never would a Mama want motherhood to look this way. But unfortunately it happens fairly frequently. However, there are great treatment options available that can help Moms get better! Please check out the “Resources” page as well as Sarah’s blog for more information, and reach out anytime.