Trigger Warning: discussion of suicidality, hospitalization This journey is hard, guys. Really hard. And it is long. Perhaps a lifetime. Probably my entire lifetime. I wish there was a reason as to why some of us have chronic illnesses and struggles. I suppose, objectively, that the honor of living also carries the risk of suffering. … Read morePrecipice


Well, here we are again… Coming up on an anniversary of such darkness in my journey. And I have been dreading it. Truly dreading it. But as I sit here pondering the upcoming day, I am filled with peace. I realize that what felt like debilitating darkness, ended up ushering in the greatest light I … Read moreEmbers


Who am I? If you had asked me that question four years ago, the answer would have been something along the lines of: “I am a chiropractor, wife, and dog Mom. I am fiercely independent. I am an Auntie, a sister, and a daughter.” Enter trauma: health concerns take me away from my career and … Read moreIsolation